Frankenstein Slot Machine

It’s alive! Join Dr Frankenstein and his monster in their spooky lab. This game is one horrific video slot game that gives players the creeps. It’s the day of the walking dead, and they’re here to resurrect some winning combinations for you.

See what prizes you can raise from the grave with the help of this Frankenstein Slot Review.

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Frankenstein Slots Game

Are you ready to face the most bone-chillingly famous monster in history? This monster was made famous by being a mashup of other parts. He is not a man, but a creature made of several pieces of other people.

The Frankenstein slots game is bound to invoke fear in the hearts of even the most experienced player. Based on the 1931 film of the monster and the mad scientist, this game gives players a sense of dark, gory mystery that is sure to tickle anyone’s fancy. Wake up the monster and see what he has to offer you.

Despite being part of the horror genre, the Frankenstein slots game is pretty simple. There are no graphics or extras that will jump out and surprise you. Just like the genre, the game aims to downplay the cliche horror, freaky aspect of allowing players to relax and wonder about the possibility of wins.

Bring on the old school graphics! The Frankenstein game brings the colour scheme of the horror genre, focusing on the dark, grey tones that mimic the skin of the monster itself. The illustrations are not 3D or advanced, but that brings out the beauty of the vintage element of the story.

This game, which is based on the 1930s film, keeps it simple and accurate. It can be something that could have accompanied the novel.

Despite the lack of background music, the game still seems eerie like the story itself. There is something creepy about silence as it builds on the suspense of the outcome. So players will still be immersed in this non-cliche as nothing will act as an additional scare factor, letting them concentrate on their bets.

How to Play Frankenstein Online

Be brave and battle the monster. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Click the Coin Level (+/-) section to set the number of coins per line.
  • Click Spin in order to begin the game.
  • For uninterrupted gameplay, press the Autoplay button.
  • Feelin brave? Click the Max Bet icon to put the maximum bet available.

This game is accessible on android and iOS mobile units as well as online on any PC.

Interactive Features

Lightning Wild. The silver disk is the lightning wild symbol. If the symbol lands on reels two to four, it will turn two or more adjacent symbols into wilds.

Fire wild feature. This feature replaces the lightning wild feature during the bonus round. This feature is guaranteed on every spin during the bonus game.

Scatters. The windmill represents the scatter symbol. Landing this on the reels can result in some free spins.

What Symbol Triggers Frankenstein Slots Bonus Free Spins?

The windmill can be a source of electricity. And in this case, this source of power is enough to generate some free spins in this game.

  • Three windmill scatter symbols can award over ten free spins.
  • Two windmill scatter symbols can award over five free spins.

Paylines and Stakes

Raising the undead is no easy feat, but for anything between 0.01 to 0.05 coins, anything is possible especially when there’s a 1,500 coin jackpot on the line.

In this game, players will be introduced to an array of characters, such as the monster, Dr Frankenstein, Fritz, and even a brain.

As this story revolves around Frankenstein’s creation, the monster acts as the highest paying symbol. He can garner over 1,500 coins if 5 of him land on the reels. The doctor comes in a close second as he can pay as much as 1,200 coins if 5 of him land, and as little as 30 if 3 of him appear on the reels.

Fritz and the brain, on the other hand, can still pay a fair fee. They can pay anything between 20 and 700 coins if they happen to chance upon the reels.

Among these are the lower-paying symbols. These being A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9. These may pay lower amounts, but they still have a pretty decent rate. Players can get anything between 3 to 150 coins once these symbols land on the reels.

Frankenstein Slot Game Software

The Frankenstein video slots game is another success brought about by NetEnt Software.

NetEnt Software is one of the biggest names in the gaming industry. They are known for consistently giving players unique and premium online games.

What is Frankenstein Slots RTP?

Frankenstein’s monster brings this non-progressive game a high RTP of 96.7%.

Slot Volatility

This game has a medium volatility which allows for a good payout while having a somewhat challenging gameplay experience as the bonuses are not triggered so often.


Dealing with the undead can be both tricky and worthwhile, just like this game. It proves to be quite challenging as it does take a while to gain any significant wins as well as any bonus feature help, but the payout is surprisingly good and worth the ordeal.

Although this was an enjoyable slot game, it may be better suited to players with more experience as this may require a certain level of skill.

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